List of products

We Design and Manufacture  the following products:

Aluminium Products:

  • Aluminium Curtain Walls and Façades
  • Skylights
  • Spider Systems (Curtain walls and Skylights)
  • Glazed Structures - Pool Enclosures
  • Interior Office Partitions
  • Fire Rated Glazed Screens
  • Bullet Proof Aluminium and Glass Doors and Windows
  • Aluminium Doors, Windows, Rolling Shutters and Balustrades

Steel Products:

  • Space Frame Systems
  • Steel Structures
  • Membrane Structures
  • Opening and Sliding Gates
  • Fire Resisting Doors
  • Steel and Glass Bullet Proof Constructions
  • Steel Door Frames and Doors
  • Overhead Garage Doors
  • Steel Guard Rails for Roads