Aluminium Partitions and Rolling Shutters

One of the biggest mistakes of building developers is to underestimate the importance of aluminium windows, doors and rolling shutters. If the wrong profile system is used, it could be a great source of problems, from bad sound insulation to water and air infiltration, hence affecting the reputation of the building developer. Another big mistake is to choose a renown profile system, and assume that the performance will be similar to the system designer specification, again, under estimating the importance of the manufacturing and installation process.
Even the best profile system, if poorly manufactured or installed will give disastrous performance.

At STAL, early on within the project, we work closely with the project engineer or architect and provide him with technical recommendations. Our quality control system and workers' experience is a guarantee to our customers for getting the best performance from the chosen profile system.

STAL utilizes a variety of quality profile systems depending on the project requirement and delivers up to Five years warranty on its material and workmanship.